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Quicksetts™ Uses

Quicksetts™ from Jobling Purser

Looks like a traditional granite sett but can be applied and opened to traffic within hours

In many historic towns and cities, clients are looking for paving materials which compliment these heritage areas whilst being hard wearing enough to withstand modern day traffic volumes. Historically granite setts have been the favoured choice but this has always come with lengthy road closures which can run from weeks into months for larger schemes, resulting in significant disruption to traffic but also to local businesses with large numbers of complaints being generated.

Not anymore. Quicksetts™ (patent pending) developed by Jobling Purser and Design Cast are the modern day solution. Aesthetically they fit with any heritage area but the key is in the speed of application. Rather than removing the existing surface, Quicksetts™ can be adhered directly on to any existing sound, asphalt or concrete surface allowing large areas to be treated in a day and opened to traffic, thus significantly reducing inconvenience to road users and disruption to local business on the High Street.

At Jobling Purser, we pride ourselves on our ability to use our extensive knowledge of the Highways sector to innovate and bring new exciting products to the industry.  Our Quicksett™ range is an example of how we are constantly using new technology to produce practical solutions for today’s marketplace.

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