Quicksetts™ from Jobling Purser are the modern day, ideal alternative to traditional granite setts.

The main advantages of Quicksetts™ being:

  • Quick to apply
  • Quick to open to traffic

The primary benefit of Quicksetts™ is their speed of application compared with traditional methods. Less disruption to traffic – less disruption to local businesses – less disruption full stop!

  • Quicksetts™ are designed to withstand modern day trafficking and flex with movement in the substrate.
  • Quicksetts™ are aesthetically pleasing and fit with a variety of different applications.
  • Quicksetts™ are surface mounted onto bituminous or concrete surfaces – No excavation required.
  • Quicksetts™ reduce inconvenience to road users, with most sections being possible to complete and open to traffic in under a day.
  • Quicksetts™ accurately replicate the look of granite setts with a wide variety of shapes available.
  • Quicksetts™ are lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Quicksetts™ are hand applied and have no requirement for heavy or purpose built installation equipment.
  • Quicksetts™ can be easily re-instated in the event of utility trench works being required.

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